Sunday, 22 January 2012

The perfect muslimah

This is what we called the perfect muslimah .  She is shy and retiring.  She covers from head to toe in voluminous black clothing, uncovering nothing of her face and only one eye to see her way on the road.  She walks silently and with gaze downcast.  She avoids talking and laughing so as not to allow the sound of her voice to fall within the hearing of a non-related man.  She keeps to the shadows, emerging from her home only rarely.  She allows her husband to shop for food, clothing, and other necessaries so she can avoid the boistrous and unpious marketplace.  She eschews TV for her Qur’an, reciting ayahs throughout the day and night.  She stands in prayer five times during the day and late into the night.  She cleans her home with a thoroughness that would shame the keepers of the Ka’aba.  She never contradicts her husband, always cooks his favorite food, defers to him in all financial issues, bears with silent endurance any shorting of her rights.  She is the perfect Muslimah.

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