Tuesday, 5 June 2012

apa itu kawan ?

     Apa itu kawan ? sampai skrg aku mncari-2 makna ape itu kawan ? dekat dunia ni kawan bila gembira mmg senang cari tp kawan bila duka mmg ssh nk cari . smuannya bersikap pentingkan diri sndiri . tkkan setiap masa kite yg nak faham dia ? siapa pula yg akan faham kite ? consider lah sikit ?? aku dh penat nak berbuat baik dgan org sbb jasa kite tk pernah dihargai . aku bukan lah nak sgt org hargai aku . at least , bersikap professional sikit bila org ambil berat pasal kau and setia mnjadi pendengar yg baik utk kau . aku dh mula tawar hati dgan sikap-2 manusia disekeliling aku seriously :/ . its some goes when i'm keepin silence and buad kerja aku sndiri and tk bercampur dgan org lain . kalau aku berbuat baik pun at last kepala aku dipijak-2 mcm pijak semut ! hahahaha . masusia OH manusia . propa sgtt !

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

every shiny days with gorgeous girl

hello holla yello and assalamualaikum , i know i was kept silent for a long time and now i'm coming back world !! yehaaa . here's i'm gonna shares something about my shiny days with the damnly cuttiest girl :)
my life is not complete without her ;) everyday both can stop laughing like the hell yawww . when she makes a joke i'll never stop laughing until my teachers ask me to stop ;) whatever it is , she's complement of my life <3 

     *i admit that i love her so much . the best ever friend <3

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

memory of primary school with Mr . blablabla

   HOLLA alls . oke today i wanna shares something hmmm , for me it was a little bit funniest :) when i was in a primary school i had a very sweet ? hmm , little bit sweetiest moments act , hahaha . come on tyra ! heeee .ouh yeahh , when i was in standard 6 someone that i called him Mr Blablabla makes me a little more like him :p . In 2007 his a new students in my school but not in a same class :p heeee . boleh tahan lah kann handsome dea . heee . one day , i received a letter from someone that i do not know ;) for the first time tyra dapat letter yg ade bedak wangi . haha , dah mcm orag tua-2 lahh pule :p tyra pun dgan slumber nya reply his letter . kononnya pengenalan melalui surat . malu-2 kucing lah :p hahaha . selalu duk intai-2 melalui tingkap kelas . mcm ape ntahh :P hahaa . after a week i realized that he was my neighbour . ouhmagod ! tapi dgan slumber jek tyra buad tkthu . hahaha . in my school , after the break all the students should lined up behind a sports store before going  back to class ; dgan tidak sengaja tyra nmpak gaya maknyah dea ! ouhmagod ! for the first time i see that its make me ! believe it or not ! hahaa . oke , tyra abaikan lahh . then after 3 days nmpak bnda yg sama jgak . ouhmygood ! its really true ! NO NO NO ! he was so disgusting and i decided to forget about him . hahaa . but ! he still became fixated on me :p derrrtttt~! one day , i deliberately say to him  " I DO NOT LIKE YOU " . haha . jahat kan tyra ?? mmg jahat . sorry to him :) act i really need someone that really  tough :p hahaha . 6 pax or 8 pax :p hahahaaha . at last , he transfered to kelantan . that time i was like ' OUH YEAHH BABY ! I'M FREEDOM ! NO MORE LETTERS WITH POWDER ! HAHAA . 

        * that's all for today . muaxhza <3

Saturday, 10 March 2012


    YELLO you alls :) here's i wanna introdued you my ever best friends a.k.a baby ass :) hihi . i love her so much . no matter what people would say about us but we still be a ever best friends forever yawww :) everything we sharing together . gila weyh nak berjauhan dgan dea neyh ! byk dh dea tolong tyra :( if i had a problems she always help me to solve the problem . tak kira masa susah atau senang dea sllu bersama dgan tyra . its same as her . tyra tk boleh tngok dea sedih and tyra selalu nk buad yg trbaek utk kebahagiaan dea . pantang sungguh bila tngok dea sedih -.- but ! i'm so happy bila dea bahagia :) I LOVE YOU SO MUCH NABLAH BT. MD HATTAR <3

Monday, 23 January 2012


Chapter 1

On a wild and stormy night, five students, Claudia, Colin, Ralph, Pixie and Robbo, are sent ahead on a school trip to Old Harwick Hall. Instead of taking the school bus with Miss O'Dell and their other friends, they have to ride on a minibus with Mr. Plumley, one of their accompanying teachers, to their destination. After arriving, they explore the building and find an old, hexagonal tower room with five beds in it. In the dark of the night, with no electricity due to the raging storm, Colin spots a door which leads to an old, abandoned room where they discover a diary of a young boy by the name of Richard Clayton Harwick. Prior to reading the diary, they wonder why they are put together in the minibus. They achieved the answer after eavesdropping on Miss O'Dell and Mr. Plumley's conversation - on Miss O'Dell's list, their names had ticks which indicate that they each had two different addresses on their permission slips, one for their mother's home and one for their father's home. Each child comes from a divorced family. Pixie reads Richard's diary out loud for the other children to hear.

[edit]Chapter 2

Richard Clayton Harwick's father is ill and this worries everyone in Harwick Hall. Before his death, he tells Richard to take care of his mother and sister, Lilith and Charlotte Harwick. After that, Richard not only feels sad for his father's death, but also because his father had only thought of his mother and sister instead of him until the end of his life. Later in the story, Lilith marries Reverend Coldstone, an anglican priest (he is not Catholic because he is not addressed Father, and he marries Lilith, Richard's Mother. Roman Catholic Priests cannot marry) who is cruel towards Richard but is very nice towards Charlotte. Richard is then sent to a boarding school called Mordanger School, where he is treated like a prisoner. He then decides to run away and sail all over the world. He comes back twice to Harwick Hall but never bothers to enter it or meet his mother and sister. He finally returns home after reading a print which states that solicitors have something to his advantage back home, discovering from a letter Charlotte had written before her death, that his family had been searching for him until the end of their lives and how Reverend Coldstone had turned out to be a very bad man. His decision of whether to stay or leave Harwick Hall remains unknown while leaving his green diary back in his tower room.

[edit]Chapter 3 - Claudia's Story: Green Pyjamas

Claudia starts telling her story to the other children: Claudia's parents quarrel a lot until her father decides to take his things and move away to his mother's house. One night, there is a flood of phone calls, and for the first time, Claudia hears the name Stella, her dad's new girlfriend. After that night, Claudia's dad dare not visit nor come near the house anymore, but only talks to Claudia over the phone. On D-Day, Claudia meets Stella for the first time and thinks that Stella is a plain and mousy person. After a row with his mother, Claudia's dad then moves into Stella's house. Later, Stella gives Claudia a pair of beautiful green pyjamas as a late Christmas present even though Claudia is always rude and mean to her. One evening, Claudia's dad and Stella holds a dinner party to celebrate his thirty-seventh birthday. During the dinner, Claudia's dad's friends ignores Stella as they think that by doing so they would be loyal to Claudia's mum. Claudia felt sorry and went downstairs to thank her for the green pyjamas and thus making her point to the dinner guests that Stella is a wonderful person.

[edit]Chapter 5 - Ralph's Story A Tale of Three Stepmothers

Ralph has two brothers, two half-brothers, one half-sister, three stepbrothers, one stepsister,three stepmothers, one stepfather, two step-grandmothers and a step-grandfather. Living in a big family is no joke. After school on Mondays and Thursdays, he goes directly to Dad’s place. His mum or his step dad,Howard sends him. On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays, he goes straight to his Mum’s place. At times,he will be lost not knowing where to go. The lunchboxes help. M for Mickey Mouse and Mum, D for Dumbo and Dad. If he is lost, he has to look at his lunch box to confirm his destination. Edward and George are his brothers. The boys liked Annabel, stepmother No. 1. The only problem was she never left the boys alone with their dad.Edward and George hated this. Dad and Annabel spent all their time kissing and cuddling. Annabel was always on a diet. She disapproved of coffee. So the boys had to drink Dandelion tea every morning. She loved to read out her star sign forecast in the mornings and again in the evenings. Sometimes, she even tried to look at Edward and George to tell their aura. However, the boys would deny anything she said.Yet, their dad would not feel embarrassed.One day, Brandy, Ralph’s cat was sent over as their Mum was varnishing the hall. The three boys took Brandy in a cage. Edward had made it from a broken milk bottle crate and bits of wire. Annabel was annoyed and blamed them to be cruel as Brandy did not have room to breathe. Dad distracted her by pointing out that they were out of bread. Annabel insisted in baking. The poor boys were starving to death.So, they went to the shops. They boys ate three large loaves and before they came home, they brushed away the crumbs. Dad was praising of how the dough had risen.When Annabel left it on the table, Brandy leapt up on the table and sniffed the dough. Then, Brandy lift edits paw and patted the dough. Next, Brandy curled himself comfortably into the dough. Annabel went mad.Dad tried to stick up for Brandy. The spell between Annabel and Dad was broken. In the end, Annabel ranoff with someone and Dad searched high and low to get the divorce papers signed.The boys did not miss her as she was more of dad’s girlfriend than a real stepmother.Dad then focused his attention on Janet, who was more keen on rules. However, Dad liked it. Edward and George did not mind as they were able to spend ample time with Dad. On the other hand, Janet was busy rushing her children to the doctors, dentist and school.
Janet’s own children, Tom, Joe and Doug and Ann moved in with the three boys.Tom and Ann could get along with Ralph but not Joe and Doug. Mum and Howard though Janet was wonderful. Janet could draw up proper schedule and Mum hardly bothered as she found Janet was easy to deal with. Due to the rules, Ralph knew he could pick up rules in no time if he was ever anywhere. Finally Janet left. She got fed up with Mum and Dad as they were taking advantage of her. Dad kept fixing up work trips on the days the boys were there. He told Janet that she had four children and another three would not make any difference.Mum started sneaking Victor’s romper suit hoping that Janet would come across them and get the stains out before sending them back. So, Janet left. The boys had a wonderful time after that. Unfortunately, it was only for a short period of time. Stepmother Number 3, Flora, came into the picture. Edward met herlying on Dad’s patio with hardly any clothes on. She had the cheek to tell Edward to cover up as she was enjoying the sun. George met Flora when they went shopping. Flora was dumping treats like strawberries,kiwi fruits, waffles, Belgian chocolates into the trolley. Dad was looking into the wallet, gloomily. Ralph went the next day. When he rang the bell, Flora opened and enquired. Ralph introduced himself. Flora blew her top as she did want to be a nanny. She took Ralph out for a Chinese Dinner and to watch a film. Then she met some friends and went to a coffee bar. At that time, Ralph informed his Dad of their whereabouts.Dad was furious and scolded Flora. Flora was cool and told him not to dump the children on her before checking her schedule. Ralph thought she was wonderful although she did all sorts of terrible things to him.Flora was pregnant and she ate only mint sauce sandwiches. Ralph was worried that his half sister or half brother would not be well taken care off by Flora. She did not know how and Ralph decided to help her out.The others usually teased Ralph. Most probably, Flora would settle in with this family.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

The perfect muslimah

This is what we called the perfect muslimah .  She is shy and retiring.  She covers from head to toe in voluminous black clothing, uncovering nothing of her face and only one eye to see her way on the road.  She walks silently and with gaze downcast.  She avoids talking and laughing so as not to allow the sound of her voice to fall within the hearing of a non-related man.  She keeps to the shadows, emerging from her home only rarely.  She allows her husband to shop for food, clothing, and other necessaries so she can avoid the boistrous and unpious marketplace.  She eschews TV for her Qur’an, reciting ayahs throughout the day and night.  She stands in prayer five times during the day and late into the night.  She cleans her home with a thoroughness that would shame the keepers of the Ka’aba.  She never contradicts her husband, always cooks his favorite food, defers to him in all financial issues, bears with silent endurance any shorting of her rights.  She is the perfect Muslimah.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

cara-cara untuk mengurangkan berat badan . try it and goodluck alls

Cara Menurunkan 
Berat Badan
Kali ini aku nak jadi penasihat kesihatan dengan memberi tips untuk menurunkan berat badan lalu mencapai berat badanyang ideal. Seperti yang kita tahu, semakin ramai rakyat Malaysia yang telah mencapai tahap obesiti.
Berdasarkan statistik yang dihasilkan Pertubuhan Kesihatan Sedunia (WHO), seramai 29% penduduk dewasa mempunyai berat badan yang lebih dan 14% mengalami obesiti di Malaysia pada tahun 2006. Berikut merupakan beberapa cara yang boleh digunakan untuk menurunkan berat badan dengan cepat dan juga sihat.
  1. Kunyah makanan lebih lama dari biasa. Ini akan membuatkan anda berasa cepat kenyang lantas akan mengurangkan pengambilan makanan.
  2. Kurangkan pengambilan makanan yang tidak sihat sedikit demi sedikit. Makan makanan yang kurang lemak. Kurangkan makanan yang mengandungi jumlah gula yang tinggi seperti air bergas, kuih muih, dan makanan ringan.
  3. Jika anda terasa lapar, makan hanya sedikit sahaja nasi dan banyakkan makan buah-buahan dan sayur-sayuran untuk menghilangkan rasa lapar. 
  4. Jangan makan lewat malam. Jika anda tergolong dalam golongan ini, kurangkan pengambilan sedikit demi sedikit dan makan selewat-lewatnya 3 jam sebelum masuk tidur. 
  5. Jika anda terbangun dari tidur pada waktu malam dan terasa lapar, minum air kosong atau makan sebiji buah seperti epal atau pisang.
  6. Jangan terlepas atau sengaja melepaskan waktu makan anda dengan tujuan untuk menurunkan berat badan. Anda hanya akan berjaya menurunkan metabolisme badan sahaja dengan cara ini. Langkah terbaik adalah makan 5-7 hidangan sederhana sehari. 
  7. Kawal nafsu makan anda kerana ia akan membuatkan anda makan lebih dari yang sepatutnya. Inilah sebabnya anda perlu makan 5-7 kali hidangan sehari demi untuk mengawal nafsu makan anda.
  8. Turunkan Berat Badan Dengan Cepat
  9. Jika anda masih gagal mengawal nafsu makan, anda boleh membeli 'protein shakes' dan memakannya di antara hidangan dua kali sehari iaitu antara sarapan dan makan tengahari serta antara makan tengahari dan makan malam.
  10. Anda boleh menggunakan pil diet untuk mempercepatkan lagi proses menurunkan berat badan. Tetapi ia akan menjadi sia-sia jika anda tidak mengamalkan cara pemakanan yang betul dan sihat.
  11. Tingkatkan aktiviti fizikal anda. Latih diri berjalan sekurang-kurangnya 400 meter sehari. Anda tidak semestinya perlu pergi ke gym atau berjogging di padang permainan. Objektif utama adalah untuk membakar lebih banyak kalori. Lakukan aktiviti seperti park kereta anda lebih jauh dari destinasi yang hendak dituju dan pilih untuk menggunakan tangga daripada menggunakan lif.
  12. Buat senaman 'sit up' dan 'push up' setiap kali bangun tidur pada waktu pagi dan pada waktu petang  selepas balik kerja. Lakukan sebanyak 20 kali setiap set. Tambah jumlah 'sit up' dan 'push up' dari hari ke hari sehingga mampu untuk membuat 100 kali setiap set. Dengan cara ini, anda bukan sahaja boleh menurunkan berat badan dengan cepat, malah berpotensi untuk mendapat abs yang cantik berketul-ketul


Halooyaaa , okay we're the best ever sistaz yawwnn . I love my sistaz so much. Both of us mmg tk bolee brpisah. mana Pegi brsama-2 . Bagaikan Psagan kembar . Hihi. Adik aku Trsgt lahh pemalu . Brbeza mcm aku . Aku neyh hyper , gedik , suka Membebel , berani and so on . Hahahaha . Walauapapun kami Adik bradik yg sempurna :)