Saturday, 10 March 2012


    YELLO you alls :) here's i wanna introdued you my ever best friends a.k.a baby ass :) hihi . i love her so much . no matter what people would say about us but we still be a ever best friends forever yawww :) everything we sharing together . gila weyh nak berjauhan dgan dea neyh ! byk dh dea tolong tyra :( if i had a problems she always help me to solve the problem . tak kira masa susah atau senang dea sllu bersama dgan tyra . its same as her . tyra tk boleh tngok dea sedih and tyra selalu nk buad yg trbaek utk kebahagiaan dea . pantang sungguh bila tngok dea sedih -.- but ! i'm so happy bila dea bahagia :) I LOVE YOU SO MUCH NABLAH BT. MD HATTAR <3

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