Tuesday, 13 March 2012

memory of primary school with Mr . blablabla

   HOLLA alls . oke today i wanna shares something hmmm , for me it was a little bit funniest :) when i was in a primary school i had a very sweet ? hmm , little bit sweetiest moments act , hahaha . come on tyra ! heeee .ouh yeahh , when i was in standard 6 someone that i called him Mr Blablabla makes me a little more like him :p . In 2007 his a new students in my school but not in a same class :p heeee . boleh tahan lah kann handsome dea . heee . one day , i received a letter from someone that i do not know ;) for the first time tyra dapat letter yg ade bedak wangi . haha , dah mcm orag tua-2 lahh pule :p tyra pun dgan slumber nya reply his letter . kononnya pengenalan melalui surat . malu-2 kucing lah :p hahaha . selalu duk intai-2 melalui tingkap kelas . mcm ape ntahh :P hahaa . after a week i realized that he was my neighbour . ouhmagod ! tapi dgan slumber jek tyra buad tkthu . hahaha . in my school , after the break all the students should lined up behind a sports store before going  back to class ; dgan tidak sengaja tyra nmpak gaya maknyah dea ! ouhmagod ! for the first time i see that its make me ! believe it or not ! hahaa . oke , tyra abaikan lahh . then after 3 days nmpak bnda yg sama jgak . ouhmygood ! its really true ! NO NO NO ! he was so disgusting and i decided to forget about him . hahaa . but ! he still became fixated on me :p derrrtttt~! one day , i deliberately say to him  " I DO NOT LIKE YOU " . haha . jahat kan tyra ?? mmg jahat . sorry to him :) act i really need someone that really  tough :p hahaha . 6 pax or 8 pax :p hahahaaha . at last , he transfered to kelantan . that time i was like ' OUH YEAHH BABY ! I'M FREEDOM ! NO MORE LETTERS WITH POWDER ! HAHAA . 

        * that's all for today . muaxhza <3

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